Sports Injury

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Sports Injury

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Sports Injury

Our physiotherapists may use hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation, taping to support an area or facilitate normal movement
rehabilitation exercises and advice.

Physiotherapists also play a role in injury prevention. There are several injuries (e.g. ankle sprains, knee injuries) for which the risk can be greatly reduced if an injury prevention program is used. These programs are usually not time intensive and are known to actually improve sporting performance.

Common sporting injuries:

  • Joint sprains— knee, ankle, shoulder and finger injuries
  • Muscle strains—hamstring, calf, quadricep
  • Tendon injuries—achilles, patella and gluteal tendon pain
  • Bony overuse injuries— ‘shin splints’ or stress fractures
  • Rehabilitation from surgery —knee, shoulder or ankle arthroscopies or reconstructions

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