How should your gym program look

A common question we get asked as therapists is “how do I train in the gym specifically for my sport”.
There is no one answer for this as every sport has its own unique requirements and therefore we must train differently for each one.

We will use 2 examples of very different sports and how the application can be used in the gym

AFL example:

First, acknowledge requirements
- Speed
- Strength
- power
- Agility

Adapt to a gym program
Focus on big compound movements for overall strength
- Squats
- Deadlift

Use explosive movements for power
- Focus on quick but controlled movements
- The bench press is great as you are required to push off your opponent

Plyometric exercises for speed and agility
- Focusing on a lot of different types of jumping
- Box jumps
- Squat jumps

Golf example:

- Stability
- Power
- Balance

Gym adaption
Stability through the low back
-Focus on strengthening core and glutes

- Have power through rotation
- Focus on quick rotational exercises
- Rapid trap bar deadlifts are a great compound exercise to build overall power

- Single leg lower limb exercises are great to build strength and balance.

Use these 2 examples and apply them to your program and the best advice I can give is to K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly). If you are still unsure your therapist can provide you with a great exercise program

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