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Bunions, What are they?

A bony bump that is formed on the joint at the base of your big toe, is commonly formed when tight and narrow shoes are worn for prolonged periods of time.


The weight distribution of your body onto your feet when you walk also can cause a bunion to form. The resulting shift of bones in the base of your big toe joint can also be developed as a result of the shape of your foot, a congenital foot deformity and or arthritis.

The signs and symptoms of a bunion include:



  • A bump that bulges on the base of your big toe
  • Associated swelling, redness and or/ soreness at the bump
  • Corns or calluses (inappropriate weight distribution when walking)
  • Reduced movement of your big toe
  • Over rolling your arch and foot inwards as a result of tight calf muscles.




Treatments manual therapist can provide:

Manual therapy and stretching regiments that help with disproportionate muscle tension causing the bunions

Improving strength and flexibility of all the toe joints to reduce pressure in the big toe joints


Education to select appropriate footwear with or without orthotics

Can Complete Care help?

Complete Care Physio and Osteo Wallan, Fawkner and Point Cook have clinicians with a special interest intreating many locals with bunions.

If you are having trouble and would like assistance by one of our Physios or Osteos in our Wallan, Point Cook and Fawkner locations, please feel free to call us on 5769-1731 or book online via our website

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