8 Reasons To Choose Complete Care

Why​​​​​ You'​​​​ll Love Working at Complete Care

  • ​Each therapist is provided with their own room and resources to allow you to get the best outcomes for your patients.
  • ​Our supportive administration team looks after all of the paperwork, leaving you to do what you really love to do.
  • ​You will be part of a multidisciplinary team that looks after each other. We provide each other with clinical support and we get the opportunity to engage in joint therapy sessions with other allied health disciplines.
  • ​You’ll enjoy our unique culture at the clinic, with regular team bonding days and weekend retreats!
  • ​We have simple processes designed to make your work life easy. This includes a user-friendly, online platform with established procedures to guide you in the early days of working at Complete Care
  • ​You will be able to use the latest technology to collaborate and communicate with the team to increase efficiency in your day.
  • ​Your work day remains within your work day! You are scheduled with time specifically allocated within your day to complete tasks.
  • Your contribution to the team is acknowledged through above award rates ($70K- $100K+). You will also be eligible to be part of our reward system where you are provided with bonuses for contributing to the value of our clinic.

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Why We Are An Employer Of Choice For Allied Health Professionals?

We provide a positive environment and support staff development with the following initiatives:

​Quarterly alignment meeting

​Clinical Supervision

​Clinical Mastery

​Journal Club & In-House PD

​Informal Mentoring

​External workshops

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    All of our therapists are employees which means that you are provided with a stable income and set hours that are negotiated when you start and reviewed regularly. It also means that we look after your tax and superannuation requirements.