Have you had surgery? Do you find walking outdoors quite challenging with your current condition, be it pain, coordination and balance issues, recovering from being deconditioned recently? Do you have a complex medical problem, have heightened sensitivity in your nerves and find steep inclines, almost impossible to tackle especially on gravel and rocky roads?

A treadmill has predictable surfaces, unlike walking on different surfaces of sidewalks, cubs, trails, grassy vs concrete walking paths. This reduces the risk of tripping and helps you feel more safe and more inclined to walk especially if walking is part of your rehab exercises. Say goodbye to walking outdoors on your own on sometimes muddy, rocky, grassy and quite steep inclines.

- A treadmill has different speeds, incline, warming up and cooling down period you can tailor to yourself, which means YOU have more control and autonomy when completing your daily walks. Additionally, if you set up your setting well enough, you can manage your energy expenditure and be able to better complete any other task you have in your daily life

- As outdoor walking is heavily reliant on external factors such as the weather, how suitable the ground is to be walked on safely, an indoor treadmill can bypass all these factors and there will be less barriers to completing your daily walks.

- For someone who needs to slowly build up their exercise tolerance, having a step counter and heart rate monitor will help you better understand your endurance level and slowly improve it with the controls stated above.

- Lastly, you can control how much you wish to walk on a treadmill; you can't always be able to predict your energy levels especially if you had to walk outdoors. If you walk outdoors for 5 minutes and require a break at that time, you will have to stop and rest and try to make the rest of the journey home regardless of how much pain and how fatigue you are. With a treadmill, you just need to stop the machine and you will be able to safely cease the exercise and take a break.

So these are some of the advantages of owning or using an indoor treadmill. Happy walking!

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