In this blog series, we will be working from the ground up and looking at how each joint can be impacting your golf swing. This week we will be looking at the ankles.

As the feet and ankle are the initial generators in force they need to be foundationally strong and mobile to keep up with the swing and to not get injured. Common injuries that can occur are sprained ankles due to weakness and instability. This can occur while in the swing or even walking between shots

Ways to improve stability:

Improving balance and single leg balance can improve ankle joint proprioception.
Building strength through the lower leg and in the foot

Something to also consider is the type of golf shoe you use.

Does it have support around the ankle
Are they spiked - spiked golf shoes improve grip in wet conditions preventing injuries from slipping in the golf swing

take home message

The ankle is very important in the mechanics of a golf screen and if it lacks any stability and/or strength you can be losing a lot of consistency. if you do have any concerns don't hesitate to contact a professional.

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