Golf Physiotherapy

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Golf is demanding on the body in a way that it places the body in abnormal positions that can cause injury if a good base is not there.

Not everyone swings the golf club the same and our physios know and understand this concept. Our Physio is trained by the titleist performance institute and has a great understanding of the golf swing and how it is influenced by the body.

A Lot of current golf players, social or competitive, may have one or many of the following and not be aware

  • Decreased range of movement
  • Poor coordination or motor pattern, leading to dissociation in the golf swing
  • Inability to isolate specific joints or body segments
  • Decreased endurance, strength and power

Our Physiotherapists routinely see patients to:

  • Prevent golf injuries – provide a thorough screen to determine any deficits
  • Return players to golf post injury with an in-depth return to sport plan
  • Help improve strength and conditioning of golfers with a tailormade gym program.

Getting Started:

If you are interested to see our golf physio to rehab an injury or would like to have a tailored exercise program to improve strength so you can hit the ball further.

Give the clinic a call, make an appointment and state you would like to make a golf physio appointment.

Don’t hesitate to swing by to get you on track to improving your golf game


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