Most common elbow injuries in golf

The two most common injuries to a golfers elbow are tennis elbow followed by golfers elbow mostly occurring in the lead arm. Amazing right who would have thought that tennis elbow is more prevalent in golfers than golfers elbow.
Based on current data 12% of amateur golfers will experience tennis elbow where 4% will experience golfers elbow.

What are these injuries?

hey are both overuse/muscle strain injuries that result in inflammation of the epicondyles in the elbow (where the forearm muscles attach to the elbow)

The only difference is tennis elbow is on the outside of the elbow. Due to muscle on top of the forearm being responsible (wrist extensors)

Golfers elbow is on the inside of the elbow
Muscle underneath the forearm are responsible (wrist flexors)

Why do golfers get tennis elbow more?

As it is more common in the lead arm there is little requirement for bending of the wrist throughout the swing. If we look specifically at the wrist which will turn over as it goes through the swing plane the this is a job for the wrist extensors.

Golfers who take larger divots tend to be more susceptible as the force through the wrist needs to be counteracted by the wrist extensors.

What can you do to help it?

Best to see a therapist to help guide you through your rehab but wearing a brace and building up forearm strength is a good start. If you are concerned it’s due to your golf swing best to see a golf physiotherapist or a golf coach.

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