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Headaches- can Physio and Osteo help?

Headaches- can Physio and Osteo help?

Headaches are one of the most common illness with nearly 15% of us needing to resort to pain killers for a headache at any given time.
Most people think that the odd headache is are a normal part of life. However, a persistent headache is a sign that something is wrong. Using pain medication to treat your headaches is only a band-aid solution, and is not actually addressing the root cause of the headaches. If there are no medical causes, a skilled clinician at Complete Care can assess and successfully treat your headache.

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Types of Headache

There are many types of headaches; Tension headaches and migraine are the most common forms while cluster headaches are most rare. Other types of headache include sinus headache, rebound headache and exertion headache.

Causes of Headache

Headaches can result due to a variety of reasons including stress, poor posture, accidents, medications, environmental factors such as strong odours & pollution and dietary irregularities

Perhaps the most overlooked causes of migraine and tension headache from a Musculoskeletal point if view is due to nerve irritation in the upper neck. This is caused by poor functioning or mobility in the top three cervical spinal joints. The nerves of these 3 segments supply areas from the back to the front of the scalp, face, and jaw. Irritation of these joints often lead to headaches.
Don’t be surprised if you get a mild ear ache and jaw pain with your headaches, because they’re all supplied by nerves of close proximity!

Assessment of Headache

Your clinician will carefully assess your neck, analyse potential headache triggers and perform a detailed history; musculoskeletal, neurological and spinal examination to determine the cause of your headache. Further diagnostic testing such as an X-ray or MRI may also be required but not often needed.

Relief From Headache

The clinicians at Complete Care Physiotherapy and Osteopathy are highly skilled in treating headaches and migraines. By restoring normal movement to the spinal joints of your neck, we will be able to significantly reduce the nerve irritation and muscle tension- helping you to return back to the things you love best, headache free!

What’s the next step…

Begin your journey to a life without headaches by having a comprehensive headache assessment and treatment by our highly trained clinicians! Call us on (03) 5769-1731 or book online
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