Do you suffer from headaches? If yes then your jaw may be the cause!

The human jaw may seem like a simple structure however it is quite complex. The muscles, mechanism, force all play a part in the smooth movement of the jaw. Sometimes when there is too much force or pressure applied this can disturb the simple movement of opening and closing the jaw leading to ongoing pain and headaches. Studies have shown that 50-60% of those with jaw pain can suffer from associated headaches or migraines.

How will you be able to assess if the jaw pain is the cause of my headaches?

Our therapists at Complete Care will take a thorough case history and assessment of your pain area, this will include a musculoskeletal examination and special tests to help assess and identify if your jaw is causing your headaches.

What are the treatment options for jaw pain?

Here at Complete Care our therapists can use a variety of techniques such as soft tissue, muscle energy techniques, dry needling and patient education. By utilising a combination of these techniques, they can help release your jaw pain and help alleviate those associated headaches. Studies have shown that majority of patients with jaw pain find benefits from noninvasive, conservative treatments.

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