How often should you see your physio/osteo?

There is no golden rule as to how often to see your physio/osteo but I will pose this question to you.

How often would see your doctor in the year even if you feel fine and how often do you see your dentist for a check-up and prevention?

So why would you see your physio/osteo only when you are in pain?

Why you should see your osteo/physio even when not in pain?

Without knowing it your body can adopt different moving patterns very quickly. Therapists are trained to identify these and help correct these.

These movement patterns can change from a number of things: a life event that has resulted in a decrease or increase of activity, a minor injury or even weight gain/loss.

What the therapist will look at?

The therapist will identify any restrictions in movement and we can monitor it over time with numerous assessments. The therapist will also be great in identifying any decrease in strength which is a great indicator for future injuries.

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