Lower Back Pain

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Common Conditions

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

What is Lower Back Pain & Sciatica?
Lower Back Pain is a general term used to describe any lower back pain that is aggravated by flexion movements like bending and sitting. Pain can be localised to the middle of your back, but is also commonly felt in the buttocks and thigh, occasionally shooting down the leg like an electric shock. This type of pain is called radicular pain or is also known as sciatica. It is important that you keep moving and return to work if this occurs. Excessive rest is not effective in managing lower back pain and is even considered detrimental to your recovery.

How Lower Back Pain Happens
Lower back pain usually occurs when performing a bending, lifting or twisting movement. It can also be a result of prolonged sitting or bending postures.  Lower back pain can be caused by irritation of multiple structures such as an intervertebral disc, facet joint, ligaments or surrounding muscles.  The spine is a complex structure, so a comprehensive assessment by one of our specialist physiotherapists is essential in getting the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

What Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre can do to treat your Lower Back Pain

  • Soft tissue therapy/ dry needling to aid with muscle spasm and pain
  • Joint mobilisation with focus on the affected joint in your back to relieve pain and increase movement.
  • Teach you some basic home exercises to increase your range of movement and decrease pain.  Core muscle retraining to increase the strength of the supporting muscles of the back and decrease the risk of re-injury
  • Take home advice such as workstation set up, how to avoid loading positions such as prolonged sitting and bending etc.

Products useful for Low Back Pain

  • Lumbar roll
  • Wheat/Heat pack

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