Hasan Al-Talib – Senior Physiotherapist & Director

Hasan leads the physiotherapy team at Complete Care Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. He is a well-established health practitioner held in high regard in both the local community and amongst his medical and allied health peers. He is known as being the GO-TO health professional for musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

1000’s of people have consulted Hasan looking for answers and a fast end to their aches and pains. Hasan’s unique holistic approach has helped people recover faster and stay mobile and active. Most people come to see him to get freedom from pain killers and prevent surgery. He has helped them return to what they love doing best…PAIN FREE.

Nitin Madan – Senior Physiotherapist & Nutritionist

Nitin is our Complete Rehabilitation Guru.

He believes in and embodies a holistic approach to recovery focusing on specialised manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation including Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and mobility training. Nitin is also a certified Nutritionist and Weight- Loss consultant.

Nitin has extensive post graduate training in Spinal Pain which he undertook to help himself recover from a back surgery post a serious cricket injury. He now utilises this specialised knowledge to help many people return to doing what they love.
Nitin has spent time with Essendon Bomber’s VFL Physiotherapy team and utilises this experience to return people to their highest level of function. He also has a case-load at the Epworth Rehabilitation Hospital in Brighton
Outside of the clinic he is still a keen fast bowler and loves to read!

Amanda Yap – Physiotherapist

Amanda joined the team in 2019 and brings a wealth of experience, having spent time working with some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Melbourne at different hospital settings, from acute to outpatient.

During her training, she worked as a sports trainer for the local football team and completed her qualification in Clinical Pilates. She has also volunteered at various sporting events around the state. While at University, she completed some research on Pre-Pointe assessment for young ballet dancers. She hopes to be able to further these endeavours and possibly further my research for ballet dancers.

Her experience has allowed her to engage with people of all walks of life, ages and skill levels. Having done more than 10 years of ballet and her fair share of injuries, she appreciates how pain and injuries can stop us from doing what we love.

She’s a firm believer that a holistic approach of exercise rehabilitation, education and empowerment plus manual therapy results in a better health outcome.

Maanasi Ananth – Physiotherapist

Maanasi joined the team in early 2019 having spent the last 6 years working with renowned Orthopedic Surgeon in India and gaining valuable experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, in particular post-operative rehabilitation and sports injuries. Her special interest lie in neuro-muscular disorders, linking pain and dysfunction to spinal and nerve origin.


Naomi Brasier – Osteopath

Having graduated as an Osteopath with distinction from RMIT University in 2016, Naomi has developed an in depth understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics.

Naomi loves helping people and has been involved as a hockey coach at several clubs and organisations. This has allowed her to engage with people of all ages and skill levels. Naomi enjoys transferring her passion for education into the management of her patient’s injuries and pain. Naomi is an avid hockey player herself, which helps her to appreciate how pain and injuries can impact on the things we love doing. Playing hockey has grown her passion for sports injuries and the use of exercise in the recovery process.

Naomi enjoys treating all types of injuries and helping people with their pain. She encourages her clients to take an active role in their injury recovery and management. Naomi is a strong advocate for the use of movement and exercise alongside Osteopathic techniques to obtain the best outcomes for her patients. Naomi enjoys using her knowledge and experiences to help others understand their injury and stay involved in the activities they love.


Our Admin Team are the CEO’s – Client Experience Officers. They are the heartbeat of our front desk, and a crucial element in delivering great experiences for you!

Enjoy getting to know them just a little bit better.


What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and Jelly snakes

Name three people you would love to have dinner with and why?

1) Joel Madden (Lead singer of Good Charlotte) – to fulfil a childhood dream and perhaps sing a few of my favourite songs.
2) John Edwards (psychic) – I’ve always wanted a reading from him
3) Ellen DeGeneres – I think she is very funny and I love to laugh.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

Nha Trang in Vietnam, I spent a little time there a few years ago; the beaches and community are beautiful.

What is your favourite quote?

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live” – Anne Sweeney

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I love to sing, music is a big part of mine and my family’s lives.


What is your guilty pleasure?


Name three people you would love to have dinner with and why?

My family as they always have the funniest stories about their day.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

Ireland because of it’s culture and scenic views.

What is your favourite quote?

Whoever is happy will make others happy

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’m not a person who likes to stay in one place for too long always moving to another area, somewhere a little warmer if l can.