Basic anatomy

The neck is made up of 7 vertebrae which have many functions. They act as attachment sites for the 26 muscles, each individual vertebrae adds a little bit of movement which adds up to give you the full range of movement that is required. Restriction to just one of these joints in the neck can result in a decrease in movement throughout the neck.


The function of the neck is split into 2 parts. The lower half of your neck is designed to be stable in order to be able to support the head, the upper half is designed to be more mobile to allow for the large range of movement required.

Role in golf

The main role of the neck in golf is to keep your head fixed in the same position while your body rotates so that you can sustain eye contact with the ball. What we tend to see in golfers with neck pain or neck restrictions is either a decrease in backswing or change in head position throughout the swing which leads to the inconsistent striking of the golf ball.

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