Diastasis recti

Hi, Amanda here again.
Have you thought of the questions I posted a few weeks ago? What about these set of questions:

Diastasis recti

1. Does having intercourse hurt? The pelvic floor muscles contract and tighten during sex, making th problem worst. Working with your Pelvic Floor Health Physiotherapist and gynecologist can help those muscles relax, enter a calmer state of mind and work out any other courses for sexual pain.

2. Do you have a separation in your abdominal muscles after giving birth? That weak and excess skin and muscles that hand over your underwear is a sign that you have Diastasis Rectus Abdominus. Learning the best exercises to strengthen the integrity of the connective tissue between the two abdominal muscles will help you regain control of your trunk and core muscles.

3. Lastly, a question for both men and women: Do you have to go to the toilet very urgently and or frequently just to open your bowel and bladder? Do you have to plan your life around the accessibility of a restroom? Is it exhausting and almost debilitating to live your life free from this burden? A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist can help train your bowel and bladder, reducing the frequency to use the toilet!

I shall be back for more discussions regarding this, stay tuned to this space!

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