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Pelvic Floor Part 1

Yoga Exercise
Our Team core member

Hi, Amanda here.

So, I have a question for you. As a man, woman and everyone in between, do you:

1. Suffer from incontinence? Be it leaking urine or faeces, there are many reasons for a person to be incontinent so make sure you get the right treatment from your pelvic health practitioner.

2. Do you get soreness in the pelvic region? Be it unresolved butt and hip pain, weakness and tightness in the pelvic region can be quite tricky to manage.

3. Do you feel heaviness in the pelvis area? That dragging feeling might be indicative of an organ prolapse! Knowing how to manage the internal pressure can alleviate the symptoms.

I shall be back for the 2nd half of this discussion so please be kind to yourself and think through. If you know someone who needs a little TLC, don’t hesitate to get them to refer to these mini posts!

Please fill out and get the download link