Postural Neck Pain

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Postural Neck Pain

Postural Neck Pain

What is Postural Neck Pain?

A common condition seen amongst office workers due to the prolonged positions maintained at the desk, postural neck pain presents as a burning or aching pain across the shoulders and neck and is commonly associated with headache. More severe cases can include symptoms into the arms and hands.

How Postural Neck Pain Happens

Prolonged poor posture increases the tension on the muscles and causes the joints to stiffen resulting in pain. Imagine your head as a bowling ball on a stick. Now imagine the force through the stick as you slowly tilt it forward to look at a computer screen.

What Complete Care Can Do To Treat Postural Neck Pain

  • Soft tissue massage to release muscle tension around the neck and shoulders
  • Joint mobilisations to loosen stiff joints and enable better postural alignment
  • Specific exercises to stretch tight muscles, loosen stiff joints and strengthen the postural stabilisers.
  • Postural Correction; this involves teaching you the correct way to sit. Sometimes your therapist will use tape to teach your muscles to hold you in a better posture
  • Ergonomic assessment – your therapist can provide you with an information pack that teaches you how to set up your workstation. This includes computer monitor height, desk height and more.

Suitable Products for Postural Neck Pain

  • Posturepedic Pillows: In our opinion the best tool on the market for ultimate neck support during sleep.
  • Lumbar roll: Stabilizes the lumbar spine which has a positive effect up through both the thoracic spine (upper back) and cervical spine (neck)

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