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Have You Had Surgery And Want To Get Moving Again?

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Are you recovering from a:

  • Sports injury?
  • Back injury/surgery?
  • Shoulder injury/surgery?
  • Knee surgery?


Our Physiotherapists can design a rehabilitation exercise program tailored to your diagnosis and treatment of your injuries and dysfunction.


How a Structured Rehabilitation Program can help you…


Muscles tend to weaken, become tight and sometimes lose function following an injury. During your consultation, your physiotherapist will tailor a structured rehabilitation program to address the root cause of your injury. These exercises are designed to:

  • Aid in the recovery after injury or surgery
  • Restore function and strengthen weakened muscle
  • Correct muscle imbalance
  • Improve joint mobility

The rehabilitation sessions may either be direct face-to-face consultations or through a structured program where a physiotherapist will update your program every 4-6 weeks, focusing on more advanced exercises, strength and conditioning for athletes and sport specific drills. Depending on the injury and condition, our structured programs range from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.

There will also be a strong emphasis on posture and injury prevention exercise to reduce the chance of injury in the long-term.


To find out more, please speak to one of our physiotherapists.

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