Quality, Effective Back and Neck Pain Relief!

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Quality, Effective Back and Neck Pain Relief!

Injuries at work can occur suddenly, such as a slip or fall, or slowly over time. If you are injured at work and on Workcover, we are able to assist you in recovering from your pain and returning you to work as quickly as possible.
You will find that physiotherapy often plays a significant role in the management of workplace injuries and the return to work process.
Early treatment following an injury or pain is generally the best approach to ensure quick recovery and return to work.
To access physiotherapy following a workplace injury you do not require a referral from a GP or medical specialist.
Myotherapy under workcover does require pre-approval from the insurance company. Myotherapy needs to be requested by your treating health professional.
A myotherapy session under workcover requires payment according to the fee schedule. You will receive a receipt and will then need to request reimbursement from your insurance company.

Why us?

Here at Fountain Gate Physiotherapy we understand the importance of work and the role it plays in our life.
Evidence shows that work is good for mental and physical health when at a good work-life balance. Studies also show that prolonged time off work is detrimental to health.
Our staff work towards returning you to work following your injury as soon as practically possible. This may involve returning on modified duties and/or hours. Your therapist will either provide you with a letter for your GP or complete a Certificate of Capacity for you.
We will then work with your employer to ensure a smooth process and gradual return to normal duties.
Whilst returning to work both the employee and the employer have a responsibility to guarantee a successful outcome.

What are the Therapy benefits?

Our physiotherapists and myotherapists focus on an active approach to restoring function and return to work. Whether your workplace injury has occurred from an accident or from overuse, you will find that our approach is helpful to:

Relieve Your Pain
Improve Strength & Flexibility
Improve Your Functional Abilities
Coordinate Your Return To Work
Provide Ergonomic Advice
Provide Workplace Injury Prevention

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