Shoulder Impingement

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Common Conditions

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement

What is Shoulder Impingement?

Whilst not technically a diagnosis, “shoulder impingement” is a phenomenon that is commonly seen in the gym environment. It occurs when the humeral head moves upwards, hitting or impinging upon the acromion process (part of the shoulder blade).

Sufferers will typically feel a pinch when lifting the arm or exercises such as swimming, boxing, bench press varieties etc.

The impinging of the bone on bone can irritate and even cause damage to the rotator cuff tendons that occupy the space between the humeral head and acromion. A sub-acromial bursa also occupies this space and acts a lubricating strip. However, with excessive impingement this could also become painful and inflamed.

What causes Shoulder Impingement?

  • Desk jobs and poor posture can cause thoracic kyphosis and forward head posture or stooping
  • Muscle imbalance can cause poor resting positions and movement biomechanics
  • Coexisting injury such as rotator cuff tendinopathy or tears
  • Training program errors such as balance and excessive volume or “too much too soon”
  • Poor exercise technique

How Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre can treat your Shoulder Impingement.

  • Perform an objective examination to determine which of the many potential causes are relevant to your case.
  • Treat excessive muscle tension with massage or dry needling
  • Treat tight thoracic spines or shoulder joints with joint mobilization
  • Modify current training regimes to prevent further aggravation/damage
  • Customised rehabilitation to correct posture, muscle balance and biomechanics

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