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Is Your Sports Injury Affecting Your Performance?

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Getting You Back To Sport FASTER!

Our physiotherapists have worked and treated athletes from a wide range of disciplines. Whether you’re a start player getting back into peak condition after injury, or a weekend warrior smashing out a PB, we are equipped to help you return to performing at your best.

As Athletes, you want to get better Fast. You want to Achieve. You want Success. You need the Best people to get you there.

We can help you sort out your sporting injury with an accurate diagnosis, evidence-based treatment, hands-on therapy, prevention strategies and exercise prescription. We not only resolve your symptoms but also fix the root cause of your problem.

Our ‘return-to-sport’ rehab system ensures that the healing process is most effective by allowing us to:

  • Control inflammation and swelling
  • Restore joint range
  • Restore muscle length
  • Improve muscle control
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Improve sporting technique
  • Improve biomechanics
  • Improve joint awareness (proprioception)
  • Achieve advanced muscle strengthening
  • Introduce cross-training activities to maintain your fitness
  • Guide a progressive return to your chosen sport

At Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre we are passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and the ultimate success that it brings.

Call us today if you find yourself watching from the unenviable position of the sideline and one of our Sports Experts will put together a treatment plan for YOU TODAY!

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Sports Physiotherapy

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