What is wet cupping?

Wet cupping is an ancient method used to help alleviate pain and rejuvenate individuals. Suction cups are placed on the surface of the skin to lift the soft tissue and associated fascia. The cups are then removed for incisions to be made. The suction cups are reapplied to draw out a small quantity of blood - also known as toxic or causative pathological substances - to enhance healing.

Who can have wet cupping treatment?

A few individuals and certain conditions are contraindicated to receive wet cupping treatment - your clinician will complete a thorough screening to see if you are eligible to receive wet cupping treatment.

Who can perform wet cupping?

A clinician or individual who has undertaken further qualifications in wet cupping therapy.

Is it painful?

Wet cupping is not painful, only a small amount of discomfort will be felt when the incisions are being made - this can be compared to a small flick onto the skin.

Will there be scarring on my skin?

No, after wet cupping has been completed you will have discolouration marks on your skin from the blood raising to the surface of the skin. The incisions being made are significantly small and do not cause any scarring. The discolouration marks and incision marks will begin to fade within the first few days after treatment.

How long does the session take?

Wet cupping sessions can vary depending on the area being treated. Usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is there anything I should do before treatment?

Yes, try to avoid eating any heavy meals for 2-3 hours prior to your session. This is because after a meal blood tends to rush to the stomach and intestines to provide relevant systems with oxygen and transport the products of digestion.
Is there anything I should do after treatment?
Avoid eating any heavy meals that require more energy to digest for at least 1 day, to allow increased level of blood flow around the body. Consume light and whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, chicken and fish.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated - as research suggests this helps to regulate blood pressure.
Avoid vigorous activities for 1 day.
Avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours.
Avoid itching the treated area.
Apple olive, black seed or coconut oil to the minor incisions to assist with itching and aid in the healing process.


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