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Exercise is very importnant for strength and general health. The so called 6 week mark that is generally given to Women is a long time to not be exercising and an lead to other health concerns.

This is not to say women should be racing back to the gym in the early weeks. But more so to make women aware that there are safe post natal exercises that can be done in the early weeks.


The List of things to do in daily life is an extensive one including carrying/ lifting baby from floor, or the change table, or carrying a capsule that require strength. 

So what kind of exercises can you do in the first 6 weeks after giving birth?

•             Pelvic Floor

•             Posture

•             Stretching

•             Strength & Resistance

Some examples of exercises that can be done in the early post natal weeks include:

•             Pelvic Tilts

•             Modified Squats

•             Calf Raises

•             Thread the needle

•             Clams


•             Bridges

It is always important to have a post natal assessment to assist in guiding your return to exercise.

If you experience any bladder leakage, vaginal heaviness, abdominal doming or pain or discomfort it is important to stop exercising until you have seen your Doctor or Physio.


So if you’re told to just wait 6 weeks or just walk and want to be doing more- please know – there is definitely MORE!

Can Complete Care help?

Our womens health Physio’s and Osteo’s at our Wallan, Fawkner and Point Cook clinics Is experienced deliverying post natal exercises.


If you are having trouble and would like assisstance by one of our Physios or Osteos, please feel free to call us or book online via our website

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